Navigation safety policy

As part of our commitment to enabling safe boating on the Broads we have developed a Navigation Safety Policy.

We also have an effective Safety Management System (pdf 5.5MB) in place to allow us to safeguard the Broads, its users and the environment.

Navigation Safety Policy

We will:

  • Maintain an effective Safety Management System to enable the Broads Authority to undertake and regulate marine operations in a way that safeguards the Broads, its users, the public and the environment
  • Use risk assessment techniques to identify hazards and risks within the Broads and put in place suitable risk control measures to ensure that the risks identified are 'as low as reasonably practicable', and that the appropriate emergency plans are in place and well practised
  • Monitor and manage the navigation of vessels within the Broads limits
  • Consult widely with Broads Authority employees, Broads users and other relevant stakeholders in respect of navigational safety issues
  • Ensure that an efficient, safe and appropriate level of Pilotage is available in accordance with the Pilotage Act 1987
  • Undertake hydrographical surveys  and maintenance dredging to ensure that the hydrographic regime is protected
  • Place and maintain navigational marks where they will be of best advantage to vessels
  • Disseminate any relevant navigational safety information to Broads users
  • Regularly review the effectiveness of the Broads Authority legal powers, byelaws and directions in respect of navigational safety
  • Evaluate the safety performance of the Broads Authority through reporting systems contained within the Safety Management System
  • Employ suitably qualified personnel and provide the necessary training to ensure that they are competent within the roles they are required to perform, and ensure sufficient resources are available to implement procedures and systems effectively
  • Ensure the craft used within the Broads Authority have the required certification and are fit for purpose, and the crew are appropriately trained and qualified for the tasks they are likely to perform
  • This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis with due consideration given to any changes to the operating environment, the organisation and legislation.