Coltishall and Neatishead 24hr Moorings

Coltishall 24hr Mooring

We will be undertaking our phase two works on the Coltishall mooring to complete the quay heading works.  We will be replacing all the timber on the downstream half of the mooring (the area furthest away from the Rising Sun car park). Works will commence later this month (October 2018) and last until Christmas.

Neatishead 24hr Mooring

Our operations team will soon be starting works at the Neatishead mooring to install electric charging pillars. Please note that two electric pillars including cables, trenches and a meter box on each side of this mooring will be installed on this site starting Monday 26 November 2018. Site works will mean that for public safety, the site will need to be closed during this installation period. There will be four moorings only available at the river end of the site during this week but please be aware that there will be no public access to the road from those moorings during these works.

Please comply with the displayed notices during the works and arrange to moor at an alternative site during the closure period. The mooring will be back in use as soon as possible on completion of this phase of the work. It is anticipated this will be by the following weekend starting 1 December 2018.

In January and February 2019 the electric pillars will be connected to the mains which will entail a further day’s work by UK Power Networks planned for Thursday  17 January 2019. The final stage of installation will then be arranged with the supplier to make the electric pillars on site live in the February/March 2019 period which will be in good time for the coming season.  Any site works enquiries, please contact the Broads Authority Maintenance Supervisor on 07795107235.  

Apologies for any inconvenience caused during these improvement works.