Neatishead Electric installation

Please note that new electric pillar installation at Neatishead mooring will be taking place week commencing 26 November 2018 for approximately 5 days.  Two electric pillars including cables, trenches and a meter box on each side of this mooring will be installed.

Please note that foot access to and from the Neatishead moorings will not be possible from the main car park during this time. However boats will be able to moor on the river end on both sides but without foot access to the bins and car park.

The mooring will be back in use as soon as possible on completion of this phase of the work. It is anticipated this will be by 1 December 2018.

In January and February the electric pillars will be connected to the mains via a further 2 days work from UK Power Networks planned for 16 - 17 January 2019. This will involve excavation close to the car park entrance which may prevent entry and exit for those two days. The final stage of installation will then be arrangement with the supplier to make the site live in February/ March in time for the coming season.