There are a number of key strategies, plans and policies that guide the work of the Broads Authority in managing the Broads.

The Broads Plan 2011

The Broads Plan is the key strategic management plan for the Broads setting out a long-term vision and guiding decisions about its future. The plan was last reviewed and updated in 2011 following a two year period of consultation with stakeholders. It is intended as a vision for the Broads, not just the Broads Authority, and its success depends on working with partners and sharing resources.

Vision for the Broads

The Broads Plan encompasses a vision for the Broads which builds on versions in the Broads Plan 1997 and 2004, and takes into account the Government Vision for the English National Parks and the Broads. 

The vision states that by 2030, The Broads will be:

  • An unrivalled wetland ecosystem of global natural and cultural importance with a diverse and healthy environment comprising a mosaic of interconnecting habitats supporting a wealth of wildlife
  • An ever changing landscape managed through traditional and new approaches to respond effectively to change – in particular, to the opportunities and threats presented by climate change and sea level rise
  • A thriving, living, working landscape recognised for its natural, historic and cultural beauty and as a wonderful place to live and work where the importance of the waterways for navigation, biodiversity and recreation is recognised, protected and enhanced
  • A model of a low carbon society with inspirational examples of sustainable living and a local population engaged in the key debates and decisions about its future
  • A magical place of adventure, inspiration and reflection for everyone to discover and enjoy on land and water in ways compatible with its special qualities; a source of enjoyment, learning and personal development for every child in Norfolk and Suffolk during their school career
  • Recognised and valued as fundamental to our prosperity and sense of wellbeing and treasured as a place that provides a "breathing space for the cure of souls".

Strategic Priorities

Based on the Broads Plan, the Broads Authority has a small set of corporate Strategic Priorities with accompanying projects and key targets. Progress against these priorities is reported at each Broads Authority meeting as a means of monitoring the delivery of the Broads Plan.

Local Development Framework

The Local Development Framework is gradually replacing the Broads Local Plan and linked planning guidance. It contains Local Development Documents that set out spatial policies and proposals for development and land use in the Broads. These are used in determining planning applications.

Business Plan, Budget and Annual Report

The Business Plan sets out how the Broads Authority allocates resources and work programmes to meet objectives, and provides a link between the Broads Plan and activities of staff and partner organisations.

The Authority is funded through Defra's National Park Grant and navigation income from toll payers. Details of annual income and expenditure are in the Budget report.

The Annual Report highlights achievements of the Authority and its partners over a 12-month period.

To view these documents visit the corporate publications page.

Managing the Broads

Our strategies for managing the broads cover such areas as conservation, land and water management, visitor services, planning and mitigating climate change.

Sustainable Tourism Strategy

Sediment Management Strategy

Lake Restoration Strategy

Water Catchment Plan

Fen Management Strategy

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Volunteer Strategy

Education Strategy

Integrated Access Strategy