Trinity Broads

The Trinity Broads are a tranquil and beautiful part of the Broads landscape, a hidden gem isolated from the main river system.

Trinity Broads

Trinity Broads

The Trinity Broads Partnership works to safeguard and enhance the Trinity Broads for wildlife and people. The four partners have been working together for more than 15 years to restore the habitats to their full potential, and to encourage sustainable enjoyment of the site by the local community and visitors.

Situated north-west of Great Yarmouth, the Trinity Broads make up 14% of the open water within the Broads. Habitats include wide expanses of shallow open water, extensive tracts of broadshore reedbed and undisturbed areas of wet woodland.

These habitats support a wealth of wildlife, from the tiniest rare snail to stands of bulrushes, which have virtually disappeared from the rest of the Broads, to the elusive bittern. The wildlife importance means that more than 3km2 of the Trinities is protected by national and international conservation designations.

Filby boardwalkThese broads are at the heart of the local communities, providing drinking water for the people of Great Yarmouth and the local villages themselves, a superb recreational resource for local anglers and sailors as well as the foundation of successful local businesses. The surrounding farmland not only produces our food, it also provides refuges for wildlife along the field margins, dykes and patches of woodland.

Our Vision for the Trinity Broads

  • Biodiversity - We would like to maintain a landscape that has natural transitions between shallow lakes, dykes, marginal reedbed, open fen and wet woodland, which supports a wealth of plants and animals.
  • Water Quality - We would like to achieve consistently clear, low nutrient water in the Trinity Broads that supports diverse communities of aquatic wildlife and provides a high quality drinking water supply.
  • Recreation - We would like to manage the Trinity Broads as a place where people come to enjoy the peace and quiet, both on the water by boat and from land using viewing areas and walkways.
  • Local Community - We would like to encourage local people to become passionate and well-informed about the Trinity Broads, and facilitate their involvement by providing volunteer opportunities, events for the public and school projects.

Useful links

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