Help record the wildlife at Whitlingham Country Park

Bug HuntThe hunt is on to track down as many species of wildlife as you can find on the edge of Norwich in one day.

The Great Bug Hunt is being held at Whitlingham Country Park from 9am to 4pm for the main activities, with a bat walk at 9pm on Saturday July 5th.

People are invited to join the professionals in hunting down and recording as many species as possible and have a lot of fun doing it.

From moths to mammals, birds to bats and bugs that live in woodland and water there will be plenty to search for and everything you find will be recorded on the Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service website:

 The free event, which is being run by the Broads Authority, starts at 9am with checking moth and mammal traps. This will be followed by all day lake dipping to see what you can find in the waters of the Great Broad, meadow and woodland bug hunts, fungus forays and bird watching.

There will be two guided nature walks from 11.30am -1pm and 1.45 - 3pm, rounded off with a guided bat walk at 9pm.

Erica Murray, Broads Authority Environment Officer, said: “This is a great opportunity for people to get together and discover the wildlife that lives on the city’s doorstep. They can help us update our records and have fun doing it.”

The lake dipping and guided walks must be booked at Whitlingham Information Centre Tel:01603 756094;

Thursday 3 July 2014