Rare opportunity to view two historic barges

Thursday 4th September, Cantley, 10am - 4pm

Wherry AlbionThe 120 year old Wherry Albion will be berthed alongside the Humber Keel ‘Daybreak’, the National Historic Ships ‘Flagship of the Year’, from 10am till 4pm.
Daybreak, which was built in 1934 for Doncaster flour millers to carry cargo in coastal waters, is making a celebratory tour of the East coast to mark her achievement.
She will be taking part in the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival over the weekend of 6th/7th September.  Her owner, Tony Woodward, thought it would be a good opportunity for Daybreak to spend a day with Albion, who was the runner up in the same competition a few years ago.
Daybreak, which has been based on the Thames for 38 years, was motorised in the 1940s and restored to sail in 1986.  She is a square sailed craft, reminiscent of the sail of the Viking raiders.
Albion was built in 1894 to carry cargo inland along shallow narrow rivers to  Broadland towns, villages and the city of Norwich.  Albion has a gaff rig which was developed from the Norfolk Keel, similar to the Humber Keel, but which has now disappeared.
Albion will  leave her Ludham base at 7.30 am on 3rd September to catch the slack low tide at Great Yarmouth at 1130 am, before crossing Breydon Water, arriving at Cantley at about 2pm. It was originally intended that Daybreak and Albion would sail across Breydon Water together, but owing to a change of circumstances this is no longer possible.

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