Our planning publications will assist you in understanding the requirements needed to build and develop in this beautiful, fragile environment.

Planning guides

We have produced some guides to help ensure that development in the executive area is appropriate and acknowledges these special qualities:

There are also these other guides that might be of relevance and use for your scheme:

Sustainability guide

Sustainabilty Guide coverThe Sustainability Guide was prepared by LSI Architects in conjunction with the Broads Authority following initial research funded by the Broads Authority Sustainable Development Fund. We hope that the ideas will inspire you and that there are some you can incorporate into your next building project.

The online booklet has sections on:

  • designing buildings to adapt to climate change
  • energy efficiency
  • choosing materials which have a low impact on resource depletion and energy consumption
  • making use of acoustic and thermal insulation, natural daylight and ventilation
  • understanding the importance of conserving limited natural resources and minimising consumption.

Recycling, renewable energy, redevelopment of existing buildings, limiting exposure to sun and wind and reducing pollution are also covered.

Please do not feel restricted by the suggestions made in the guide. It is not a formula for creating buildings which all look the same, but a framework of opportunities whose objective is a unique sustainable future for the Broads. Hard copies of the guide in booklet and CD format are available from the Broads Authority offices.