Supporting documents and evidence

A range of supporting documents and evidence inform and supplement the Broads Local Plan.

These complement a series of planning publications to help guide developers.

Development and Flood Risk

Most of the Broads area consists of low lying land within the flood plain and the risk of flooding is a major issue. Planning policy and guidance on development and flood risk in the Broads is guided by national planning policy and by a local Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

The Broads Authority Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted on 24 March 2017 by Full Authority after the consultation period between 21 November and 4pm on 23 December 2016.

The SPD refers to a Flood Risk Assessment Tick Sheet to assist applicants in producing a flood risk assessment for minor developments and guidance for producing a Flood Response Plan to help set out what to do during a flood.

A summary of the main issues raised can be found below as well as how the issues were addressed in the final supplementary planning document.

The Consultation Statement and Adoption Statement can be found in the links below.

Annual Monitoring Reports

Annual Monitoring Reports provide an assessment of the previous year's progress in preparing and implementing the Local Development Framework for the Broads.

Local Development Scheme

We are in the process of reviewing the adopted policies and looking into issues which could be addressed through planning policy. The Local Development Scheme sets out the timeline for this work.

Landscape Character

The Landscape Character Assessment and Landscape Sensitivity Study have been developed to aid decision-making that could affect the condition of the Broads or its visual quality. They aim to promote management that seeks to conserve and enhance the area's natural beauty.