Broads Tourism

Broads Tourism is the destination management organisation for the Broads.

Alongside the Broads Authority and other organisations it delivers actions in the Sustainable Tourism Strategy to promote the national park to visitors and ensure the long term future of the industry.

Broads Tourism works in partnership with the Broads Authority to provide a strong unified voice for Broads tourism-related businesses, from accommodation providers to holiday boat operators, and other stakeholders with an interest in tourism activity.  

Its main aims are to:

  • Promote the Broads National Park as a leading recreational, leisure and holiday destination
  • Develop, deliver and regularly review actions within the Sustainable Tourism Strategy and Action Plan and provide guidance and assistance with applications for relevant grant funding
  • Enable the sustainable economic development of the tourism sector and its communities through an improved quality of promotion, service and information
  • Create and deliver various marketing initiatives underpinned by market research
  • Develop a feeling of an agreed purpose and shared endeavour from all stakeholders and their communities

Read about Broads Tourism corporate partners and check out our tourism publications.


Broads Tourism welcomes new members. For more information please see the Membership Pack which includes this year's programme of activities.

Broads National Park brand guidelines

Brand guidelines have been produced by members of Broads Tourism and the Broads Authority for use by anyone producing materials promoting the Broads as long as they stick to a few rules and register their use. The guidelines are designed to be practical and useful. We also have a range of high quality photographs which are royalty-free.