The Local Plan for the Broads: Issues and Options Consultation

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26. Sites allocated for change

26.1 Introduction

26.1 Introduction

Some sites in the current Local Plan have policies promoting change. These sites may be redundant or seem to have greater potential. The policies identify the site, give an idea of what may be acceptable (subject to the detail and other policies in the Local Plan) and identify criteria that any scheme is required to address. The aim is that, by showing that the Broads Authority would be supportive of appropriate schemes in these areas (that reflect the constraints and polices), landowners may improve the site. Table 5 shows the policies and sites currently allocated in the Broads.

Table 5
Policies and sites currently allocated in the Broads


Policy no


Thrust of policy

Former Loaves and Fishes, Beccles


Property is in a good location, was a pub, but now is used for storage.

Support reintroduction of pub, or other land uses subject to passing various tests.

Marina Quays, Great Yarmouth


Derelict buildings, with riverside location.

Support for a use that reflects and respects its location and constraints.

Brownfield land off Station Road, Hoveton


Interesting building used for storage, unused, maybe even derelict building and vacant plot with temporary use as car park.

Support for retail and residential.

Area of former Bridge Hotel site, Potter Heigham


Hotel burnt down in 1990s, used as a car park. Other uses include sheds and café/ restaurant.

Seeking public realm improvements, recreation and tourism uses, potentially holiday accommodation, but in line with policies of the Local Plan.

Question 33: Do you think we should carry on this approach of allocating land for change? Are there any other approaches to consider? Are there any other sites in the Broads that you think could benefit from such an allocation?