The Local Plan for the Broads: Issues and Options Consultation

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11. The rest of this Issues and Options document

The rest of the Issues and Options identifies some specific issues. We welcome your views on these parts of the document.

It should be noted that the current Local Plan for the Broads is quite comprehensive. It is proposed that most of the policies within it will remain in the new Plan, albeit with some updates and amendments (see section 31 for more on the existing policies of the Local Plan). As such, we are not addressed every topic area individually within this Issues and Options document. The following sections highlight issues that have changed over time or are new areas for the Local Plan review to consider.

The review of the Local Plan is an iterative process and the topic areas/issues in this document are not the only ones that will be included in the final Plan. Other topic areas may be included in subsequent versions of the emerging Plan. Consultation responses may also raise topics to address, and new evidence or Government requirements may be in place.

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