The Local Plan for the Broads: Issues and Options Consultation

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12. Your part of the Broads

There are only parts of parishes and settlements in the Broads Authority Executive Area – all are shared for planning purposes between the Broads Authority and the relevant district. However, we would like to know what makes your village or town a good place to live, and what we need to do to protect or improve it. There are some questions below for you to consider. We cannot guarantee that we can enable sites to be developed, or can address all your concerns or suggestions, but we would welcome your thoughts.

Question 5: What do you think of your part of the Broads?

  1. What aspects of your town, village or parish or part of the Broads are particularly important and valued by residents?
  2. Are there any features or areas in your part of the Broads that you would like to see altered or improved?
  3. Are there any other issues that affect your community/your part of the Broads that you would like to be considered in the preparation of the new Local Plan?
  4. What changes do you expect to see over the next twenty years in your part of the Broads that the Local Plan may need to cater for?
  5. Are there any areas of previously developed land that are currently unused within the Broads’ part of your town or village? If so, please identify the location and tell us what your preferences would be for these areas in the future.
  6. What kind of development, if any, do you think your part of the Broads would benefit from?