Acle Bridge Competition

This Competition is now closed.

Shortlisted notified - Friday 8th June 2018

The applicants not selected for Stage 2 were notified on Monday 11th June 2018.

Please find below further information and images relating to the Acle Bridge National Park & Education Centre Design Competition.

Acle Bridge Design Competition Brief


What is the process for raising Technical and Planning queries?

We hope that the brief and the supporting documentation that is sent out to applicants should answer any technical or planning queries you may have, however, if there is something more specific you wish to ask then this will need to be addressed to the competition contact. In order to maintain the anonymity of the applicant the query will be passed on to the relevant person to answer.

Is there a cut-off date for questions related to the competition?

No. Questions can be submitted up until the deadline.

Will answers to all competition questions received by the Broads Authority be posted publicly?

If relevant to all applicants, answers to competition questions will be shared and posted here.

Can the design incorporate the adjacent farmland?

The owner of the adjacent farmland has indicated a willingness to discuss the sale of part or all of the adjacent field to the Authority. Please note that this is currently not part of the site.

Can the area of the toilets the Broads Authority is in process of acquiring from GYBC be included as part of the design?

Yes, the toilet site can be included.

Can I submit more than one design?

Only one design can be submitted per Architectural practice.

What is the status of the strip of land to the rear of the toilet block?

Until the sale of the toilet block is concluded the ownership of that strip of land is unclear, therefore please use site location plan below.

What is meant by maintaining an operational access of 5 metres to the 24 hour mooring for an excavator?

Access would need to be maintained to the north west of the shop, not necessarily along the concrete frontage along the front of the shop. The excavator is what the operational access is required for and the timber capping refers to the area of the 24 hour mooring.

Are there any tree preservation orders on any of the trees on the site?

No, there are no tree preservation orders on the site.

Additional Information

Acle Bridge Location Plan

Overlaying of plans, georeferencing and copyright:

The drone image is not georeferenced and therefore cannot be overlaid on the CAD file. The purpose of the site location plan and drone image with indicative boundaries is solely for background information.  When the contract is awarded Ordnance Survey MasterMap and georeferenced aerial imagery covering the extent of the site will be provided to the successful contractor under a licence for use in CAD/GIS products. If you require background mapping for use in CAD please use OS Ordnance Survey open data if you do not have a licence for Ordnance Survey licenced products.

Any documents produced and submitted to the Broads Authority must state the appropriate copyright

Cultural Heritage - Local List Survey Sheet

Flood Risk Information:

Great Yarmouth Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Map must be downloaded to enable interactivity)

Broads Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document

Flood Map for Planning centred on Acle Bridge

Flood Zone 3 Factsheet

Brochure images

High resolution versions of the brochure images are available until 30 May using the following link:

Acle Bridge 1Acle Bridge 2

Acle Bridge 3

Acle Bridge 4Acle Bridge 5

Acle Bridge 6Acle Bridge 7

Acle Bridge 8

Acle Bridge 9

Acle Bridge 10

Acle Bridge 11

Competition Contact:
Sarah Mullarney, Administrative Officer.  
01603 756063
Broads Authority, Yare House,
62-64 Thorpe Rd, Norwich NR1 1RY