Haven Bridge reminder

Haven Bridge is out of normal operation and will continue to be out of operation until mechanical and electrical upgrade works are completed.

The upgrade work is expected to be complete by early summer. However, it may be possible to lift the bridge on a limited number of dates before the upgrade work is complete. Any lifts will take significantly longer than usual as the powered lifting mechanism will be out of action. Due to this any lifts will need to be carried out in the evening/overnight under a full road closure.

The provisional list of dates (which may change due to programme changes or adverse weather) is as follows: 16 April, 29 April 14 May, 27 May, 11 June, and 25 June.

The mechanical and electrical works are being carried out by Norfolk County Council’s contractors.

Prior to booking a lift on any of the provisional dates please call Norfolk County Council (on 0344 800 8020) 3 to 7 days in advance to check that the lift can go ahead on the chosen date. Please then call again 24 hours in advance to double check that the lift can go ahead. Bookings (which must be made between 3 and 7 days ahead of each lift) are to be made via Peel Ports on the usual booking number: 01493 335522

Friday 16 April 2021