Blue-green algae alert

We have recently received reports that Blue-green algae has been spotted at Fleet Dyke and Upton Dyke.

It is likely that due to the recent weather conditions, there are currently unreported algal blooms present throughout the Broads and there will be future blooms over the coming weeks. Areas of still or slow-moving water are of particular risk.

Exposure to Blue-green algae can be highly toxic (and often fatal) to dogs and can cause significant irritation and illness to humans.

We are therefore issuing the following advice:

  • Please do not enter the water if you suspect Blue-green algae is present and do not let pets or children enter the water either.
  • Do not let pets drink from the water.
  • Please exercise caution at the locations named above and be generally aware of the presence of Blue-green algae in the Broads.
  • Finally, if you are unsure of whether the algae present is toxic or not please don’t take any chances.

Blue-green algae can be identified by its resemblance to ‘pea soup’, often appearing as green clumps or as a marbled blue/green coloured scum on the surface of the water. An image is attached that shows an example.

If you suspect you have spotted Blue-green algae please report it to the Environment Agency’s hotline on 0800 807060, let Broads Control know on 01603 756056 and remember to phone 999 if you require medical attention.