Accessing the system provides you with access to your personal details as well as those of any boat(s) you own. As such we need to ensure there is adequate security within the system to authenticate that you are the person already registered with the Broads Authority, prevent your details being accessed by anyone else and to ensure that any payment made to us is via a secure payment gateway.


To authenticate you are already registered with the Broads Authority you must confirm your name, postcode and Owner Reference Number as part of the initial registration process. We will then post you a unique PIN number to your address that must be entered the first time you log on. This is a similar process to those used by many organisations such as banks and local councils which ensures only you will be able to gain access to your information.

Secure access

In accessing the online tolls system you are directed to a different web address ( which is secured by a SSL certificate. In simple terms, this means that you can be fully confident in the security of the site as any traffic to and from it (e.g. your personal information) is encrypted cannot be accessed by eavesdroppers (e.g. keystroke loggers). However, it is of course still your responsibility not to disclose your user name and password to anyone else.

Secure payment gateway

Payments are authorised and handled via SagePay secure payment gateway which offers the highest level of card data security