For Peat's Sake project

This project will help children understand the very origins of the Broads.

It aims to enable local GCSE and A-level students to visit and undertake practical peat studies at key fen sites. It is part of a national project to monitor peat resources and investigate how much carbon these important wetlands can store. The students will understand first hand the role peat played in the formation of the Broads, its value for wildlife conservation and its place in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Teachers should find all that they will need to run the project in the attached documents, but please contact us if you would like to know more.

FPS Background information

FPS Risk assessments

FPS 1 Experimental instructions

FPS 2 Site visit programme

FPS 3 pH of soil pH meter

FPS 4 Soil carbon content - back at school

FPS 5 Soil moisture - back at school

FPS 6 Equipment list

FPS 7 Field Record Sheet 

FPS 8 Clothing; There is no such thing as bad weather

FPS 9 Health and Safety sheet

FPS 10 Random number table