Group volunteering

We run weekday sessions (typically Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) for groups focusing on vegetation management during the winter (September through to February) at Whitlingham Country Park, just outside Norwich.

corporate volunteers

Typically the day starts at 09:30am (meeting at 09:15am) and finishes around 4:00pm (light levels and weather dependant) with a lunch break and tea breaks morning and afternoon.

Tasks are arranged to ensure that individuals with varying physical abilities are able to participate e.g. light tasks such as using loppers to cut off small branches and spreading wood chips to the very physically demanding tasks such as using bow saws to cut down large saplings and feeding branches into a chipper or fire. Participants are encouraged to work together to accomplish much-needed vegetation management to a high standard, completing tasks which would take several days if carried out by us on our own.  

Personal Protective Equipment is provided and a safety talk will be given at the start of the day. The staff member will provide guidance and assistance throughout the day along with an explanation about why the task is being undertaken.

If you are interested in volunteering as a group please email with “Visiting Group” in the subject line.