Environment Land Management System

A Broads Authority proposal to Test and Trial the development of the Environment Land Management System has been approved by Defra.

Cows on Halvergate

We are working with National Farmers Union, Natural England, Norfolk Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and a wider steering group of farmers and land managers. A series of workshops and one to one discussions will take place over the winter and spring and we will report to Defra in June 2020. 

In this work we are:

  • Confirming what land looks like when it is delivering benefits for the public, such as nature, capturing greenhouse gases and storing flood water.
  • Investigating what management interventions are required to achieve these public goods.
  • Listening to farmers and land managers and report on their ideas about working together on landscape scale projects and coordinating advice provision in the Broads.

Initial discussions with farmers and land managers indicate that ideas could include: a range of well-known and more innovative ways to manage fens and grazing marshes; development of a potential advice support network and farmer-led groups; and emphasise refining schemes that have local relevance and providing public goods. All ideas and suggested approaches gathered will be reported to Defra and inform the piloting of the Environment Land Management System.


  • Workshop one notes - Inviting over 150 farmers and land managers we held our first workshop discussing new Environment Land Management systems to support the Broads special qualities.