Sustainable Tourism in Estuary Parks (STEP)

In 2009 we secured 500,000 euros of funding from the European Regional Development Fund to promote green tourism on the Broads as part of a three year project. STEP saw the Broads working with Dutch and Belgian partners to share expertise and resources.

The project enabled the Authority to work with Broads Tourism and local businesses to:

  • Produce the Britain's Magical Waterland joint branding initiative for promoting the area
  • Develop a tourism strategy
  • Publish the Greening the Broads good practice guide for businesses
  • Fund the Enjoy the Broads visitor website
  • Produce an Enjoy the Broads mobile app (now discontinued)
  • Publish a guide for green travellers
  • Fund improvements to visitor centres such as touchscreens showing 250 wildlife films
  • Fund various other improvements to the Broads network such as electric charging points.

You can watch a video of the STEP partners' achievements here and find full details on the STEP project website.

STEP logos

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