Upper Thurne

The Upper Thurne is an important wildlife haven in the north-east of the Broads.

Boats racing on HicklingIt is also a special place for people to enjoy activities including sailing, canoeing, windsurfing and, during the summer months, coarse fishing.

The Upper Thurne Working Group was set up to manage this complex system which comprises Hickling Broad, Heigham Sound, Duck Broad, Horsey Mere and Martham North and South Broad, as well as the surrounding reedbeds, fens and drained marshes.

The group, which is made up of a range of interested parties, developed the Upper Thurne Water Space Management Plan (2006) and maps and the Upper Thurne Water Space Management Plan (2012) update and map to protect the wildlife and natural resources in the area in an integrated and sustainable way while balancing the interests of visitors, the local community and boaters.

Its projects include:

  • Restoring islands and keeping the navigation open at Duck Broad
  • Creating new reedbed areas for rare and threatened wildlife and enhancing flood protection at Hickling in partnership with various organisations
  • Keeping some waters quiet for thousands of wintering waterbirds.