A Grand for a Grand Idea

A unique opportunity has emerged for local communities to receive funding for National Park projects courtesy of the Broads Authority. 

The Broads Authority’s Heritage Lottery funded Water, Mill and Marshes project was kick started on 28 January 2018. Since then, the Broads Authority has pioneered multiple community projects to engage local people with the Broads National Park. The newest in their collection of initiatives is called ‘A Grand for a Grand Idea’ and will see funding offered to local people and community groups if they can come up with a project which fits with the ethos of the Water, Mills and Marshes themes.

There are four key themes which the Water, Mills and Marshes project aims to improve. So all projects will be expected to contribute to one or more of the following areas:

Exploring the Landscape

  • A project to encourage the use and enjoyment of landscapes, with a possible focus on improved interpretation, increased awareness and enhanced access to specific areas in the locality.

Historic Landscape

  • A project focusing on the conservation or restoration of a built heritage feature. This could focus on improving the understanding and appreciation of landscape heritage. Practical conservation work on features of cultural importance could also be a key aspect of this category.

Natural Landscape

  • A project with the protection and enhancement of natural landscapes at its heart. This could look at creating and connecting habitat corridors, with a focus on strengthening ecological networks, and enhancing natural features such as hedgerows, woodlands, ponds, and wetlands.

Community groups

  • A project to which looks at creating or aiding an existing community group or society that helps care for elements of the Broads landscape. Projects of this kind could be used to increase local involvement in the area.

Grants will be awarded to projects which are able to demonstrate that they will make a difference to the Broads National Park by meeting at least one of the aims and will thereby benefit people’s experience of the Broads. They must demonstrate a clear and positive contribution to the environment, be accessible to members of the public and where possible involve and benefit local communities.  

It is hoped that plenty of people will come forward to take advantage of this amazing scheme and improve the Broads National Park for the local people and wildlife which live there.

There is a total of £40,000 to be shared between projects and there are two main routes to apply for it. ‘Fast Track’ can be used for projects requiring funding of between £100 and £1000. The process is much shorter, applications are welcome at any time and are assessed by the Water, Mills and Marshes team within a month of receipt. For grants between £1000 and £5000 the application process is slightly lengthier as greater project detail is required. Applications can be received at any time, but will be assessed by the Water, Mills and Marshes Board. All projects have to be completed by 31st August 2022.

To apply simply visit the Water, Mills and Marshes website at: www.watermillsandmarshes.org.uk/grants where you will find further information, application forms and guidance notes.

Wednesday 30 May 2018