Authority awarded permanent injunction at Jenner's Basin

The Broads Authority was today awarded a permanent injunction at Jenner’s basin by the High Court. 

Landowner Roger Wood has been given three months to submit a planning application that accords with the independent Planning Inspector’s decision dating from 2014.

If he fails to do so then the site has to cleared within a further month. In addition the number of boats in the basin during this time has been capped at 20 – one less than the interim injunction granted in March. Mr Wood has also  been ordered to pay two-t‎hirds of the Authority’s legal costs. He sought permission to appeal this today but the judge refused. This final court order must now be complied with.

John Packman, Chief Executive, said: “We are satisfied with the judge’s decision which may be the push for Mr Wood to finally submit an acceptable planning application – for both the sake of householders living next to the site and for the boaters renting from Mr Wood in the basin who are caught up in the issue.

“We are pleased that the judge acknowledged that the Broads Authority had 'substantially succeeded' in its claim and that this was an appropriate case for seeking an injunction. He added that far from being open to criticism the Authority had conducted itself ‘meticulously and impeccably’.

“Despite claims to the contrary, a valid planning application has still not been received, never mind one that is in line with the 2014 independent Planning Inspector’s recommendations." 

Mr Wood has been developing the site without planning permission for five years and renting out moorings. There are an estimated four to six residential boats in the basin.

Friday 17 June 2016