Broads Album Live Performance

On Wednesday 9 May the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft will play host to the debut live performance of the Broads Album.

The Broads Album will showcase the work of students from Lowestoft Sixth Form College and Pakefield High School. The pupils drew their inspiration for the album from a trip to Halvergate Marshes where they were able to spend time immersed in the Halvergate area of the Broads National Park.

The experience was then used as a muse from which to draw inspiration as they took time in the classroom to work individually and in groups to compose, write and produce their own score of music. The project from composition to finished product has been a six month journey with the final pieces being collated into eleven tracks to feature on the official Broads Album.

Water, Mills and Marshes Programme Manager, Will Burchnall, said of the initiative,

“This has been a great opportunity to bring young people and the Broads National Park together. It’s been wonderful watching the students find inspiration in the natural landscape and then seeing how that can be put into practise to produce a professional album. For them to have a chance to showcase their work live at the Marina Theatre at Lowestoft will be a really magical experience for everyone involved.”

Three of the student’s soundtracks were performed live at the launch of the Water, Mills and Marshes project in January which was received by the members of the press and public with great enthusiasm. The live performance at Lowestoft will be an opportunity to see the entire body of work performed as a whole.  

There are plans to produce a Broads Album each year involving both primary and secondary school students, until 2022 when the Water Mills and Marshes project ends. Attending the launch is a great chance to see what has been achieved so far and it is hoped that the performance will inspire future student performers. Attending the event would be of particular benefit to those pupils which have an interest in music or would like to be part of a future Broads album. 

For your free tickets to see the live performance on Wednesday 9 May at the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft, please contact Anna Lynch at

WMM Album launch

Wednesday 2 May 2018