Broads Authority dredges the River Waveney

Between April and July 2019 the Broads Authority will be dredging the River Waveney. 

Dredging waveney

The river is popular with Broads users due to its deep navigable channels, but sediment does accrete in places and requires dredging to maintain waterway specifications. The scheduled dredging operations will begin on the River Waveney in April and will end in July. It is hoped that the process will improve navigation for boat users and the quality of the riverside banks.

Work will take place Monday to Friday on the inside of the river bends. During this time, wherries will be active on the River Waveney, transporting sediment from their work stations to the disposal area located just west of the Old Railway Bridge. This process should not affect public use of the adjacent footpath which is a part of the Beccles Marsh Trail.

The river will be open to boats at all times but the addition of pontoons with excavators will shorten the width of the channel. Signage will be in place to direct vessels and make them aware of the presence of dredging operations. Staff will be on site when active dredging is in process, with an Operations Technician available to manage river traffic. During the weekend the dredging pontoons will stay at their current dredging location.

Broads Authority Environment Officer, Jonathan Cook said of the work,

“Dredging work is always carried out in the interests of the people who enjoy the rivers and we hope that this dredging operation will cause as little inconvenience as possible to members of the public. By the end of October we predict that the work will be finished and those people who use the Waveney rivers system will be able to enjoy an improved navigable channel."

Tuesday 5 March 2019