Scheme to nurture talent welcomes new apprentices on board

The Broads Authority’s annual apprenticeship scheme starts again this week. New recruits will learn the wide range of skills involved in habitat management and conserving the Broads National Park.

Our outgoing apprentices with this year's intake

The Broads Authority welcomes new starters Eloise Dey, Emily Leonard and Becky Rimmer to the Environmental Conservation apprenticeship scheme, which runs in conjunction with Easton and Otley College. Current apprentice Alex Deane is continuing at the Authority to complete a level-three diploma as a Ranger.

Joseph Hamilton, Harry Oram and James Thompson have recently finished their apprenticeships. 

Outgoing apprentice Harry said of year,

“The best experience I had was definitely using a chainsaw during conservation work. The scheme also helped me with networking, improving my communication skills, building confidence and making new friends. It really has been a great year.”  

Head of HR for the Broads Authority, Lucy Pointer, said of the scheme,

“We welcome our fifth cohort of Environmental Conservation apprentices and I am delighted that we have an all-female intake for the first time on this scheme.

“Our apprenticeships are a real team effort and I would like to thank everyone in the Authority who has been involved in making them such a positive experience.

“We never stop learning and there is always room for improvement!”

Also, starting soon are two newly-created Heritage Skills Apprenticeships, learning to restore Norfolk’s iconic mills, as part of the Broads Authority’s Water, Mills and Marshes project, supported by City College Norwich.

The Broads Authority wishes its new apprentices a wonderful year of learning and bids a fond farewell to their newly-qualified cohort.

Monday 7 October 2019