Winners of Broads National Park Photography Competition announced

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The winners of the Broads Authority’s National Park Photography Competition 2018 have been announced. The brief for the photographers was to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of the Broads National Park, so judges were on the lookout for striking photographs which saw something different in a landscape which is so familiar.

Joanna Davidson is the winner of the adult category with her picture titled, ‘Parsley Pump’. The image is a monotone depiction of the Broads with a cow parsley foreground and Thurne Mill background. Judges were impressed by the way the image celebrated the beauty of the Broads with an emphasis on the miniature and the mighty, the natural and the manmade. Jack Stopher was the winner of the young person category with his depiction of Oulton Broad at sunset, which he took with his iPhone 5. Highly praised photographs included images taken by Jay Birmingham, Wayne Huzzey, Robert Howarth and Rowan Savage. 

In addition to the cash prizes received by the winners, their images will be showcased in the Forum on Friday 29 March to Tuesday 2 April 2019 in the Broads National Park Photography Exhibition, a celebration of 30 years of the Broads Authority. Their work will be displayed alongside the photography of Richard Denyer, whose pictures did so much to support the Authority’s work in its early years. 

Competition judge, Julian Claxton, a professional photographer whose work is often used in Broads Authority publications said of the judging process, 

“Selecting a winner for the Broads Photographic Competition was a tough decision making process. The standard of entries far exceeded my expectations, in fact, I was impressed by the diverse nature of images entered, all showcasing the Broads National Park to be the highlight that it is. Selecting the final winner was a particularly tough decision, especially with the standard being set so high. In the end, I was captivated by the romantic vision of the Broads these photographers captured, thinking carefully about the composition, I thought the very personal reflection of their vision of what the Broads meant to them was refreshing.”

Adult competition winner, Joanna Davidson said of her work,

“I'm a Norfolk girl and proud of it. We’re so lucky to have The Broads on our doorstep and I’m inspired by the fact that they are unique, beautiful and offer so much to both our local communities and visitors to our region. I chose a different angle and mood for my image as I wanted to look at The Broads from a different perspective and encourage others to do so too. It’s not just about The Broads themselves but the beauty of the wildlife and habitats that surround them.I am always drawn to uncluttered, simple high contrast images and that's what I was trying to achieve here. I also enjoy shooting through things to frame a scene and I love the skeletal forms of spent cow parsley heads. The windpump is such an iconic symbol of The Broads there can be no doubting where this photograph was taken but by throwing it out of focus in the background it hints at the landscape beyond rather than it being too obvious.”

Young Person winner, Jack Stopher said of his winning photo,

“I was experimenting at the time with my new phone’s camera and I was lucky enough to capture this lovely photograph. The thing I love about taking photos is how it allows me to take a moment and share it with people.”

The winning images

Parsley Pump by Joanna Davidson, Adult winner

Oulton Broad by Jack Stopher, Under 18 winner

Highly commended

Highly commended St Benet's Abbey by Wayne Huzzey

Highly commended Peaceful Flight by Jay Birmingham

Highly commended Fishing on the Broads by Rob Howarth

Highly commended Greens and Browns by Rowan Savage

Tuesday 27 November 2018