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(Page last updated 12 April)

Lockdown roadmap and the Broads

On 22 February, the Prime Minister announced the Government’s plan to begin the cautious easing of lockdown restrictions in England. Since then the Broads Authority, along with other inland waterway authorities, have been in consultation with Defra to produce guidance for boaters.

Whilst the information below shows that it is possible for some boating activity to resume during stage 1.1, this is limited by the continued instruction to stay local which restricts travel to and on board a boat. Stage 1.2 continues to encourage minimising journeys where possible.

“Staying in your local area means stay in the village, town, or part of the city where you live.” Guidance – National Lockdown: Stay at Home Guidance (updated 22 Feb 2021)

All references to permitted activities below assume that boats allow for social distancing rules to be adhered to. Relevant guidance will remain in place up to and including Step 3 (subject to a proposed review of social distancing rules ahead of Step 4).

Guidance for different activities

Step 2 - 12 April

Minimise domestic travel where you can.

Private boats

Private boating permitted for recreation for a single household or bubble. Lifting of ban on overnight stays away from home allows for single households/bubbles to stay away overnight on boats.

Self drive day hire

Recreational day hire is permitted for a single household or bubble (if vessel is enclosed), or for up to 6 people / or any number of people from 2 households per boat (if vessel is open air, provided it is outdoors and social distancing can be maintained between people from different households).

Self drive holiday hire

Permitted for a single household / bubble per boat.

Skippered boat trips

Skippered boats may operate and accommodate a maximum of 6 people or two households (where boats are not enclosed), or a single household/support bubble (if vessel is enclosed). Where boats are partially enclosed, attendees may only go indoors to access/use the toilet.

The skipper does not count towards the Rule of 6 or the 2 households limit.


Watersports are permitted and outdoor attractions at waterparks/aqua parks may reopen.

Boat maintenance

Boat maintenance is permitted, assuming you follow appropriate social distancing between individuals/households. Overnight stays for maintenance purposes is allowed at this stage.

Step 3 - No earlier than 17 May

Private boats

Same as step 2 but now with up to 6 people from different households / or any number of people from 2 households able to mix on indoor boats.

On outdoor (open air) boats groups of up to 30 allowed.

Self drive day hire

No restrictions (if the vessel is open air) or up to 6 people from different households / any number of people from 2 households per boat (if vessel is enclosed).

Please note that the usual capacity of the vessel still applies.

Self drive holiday hire

Permitted for up to 6 people from different households / or any number of people from 2 households per boat.

Skippered boat trips

Same as step 2 but now with up to 6 people from different households / or any number of people from 2 households able to mix on indoor boats.

On outdoor (open air) boats groups of up to 30 allowed.


Indoor attractions at waterparks and aqua parks may reopen.

Private groups of up to 30 outdoors.

Boat maintenance

Restrictions are the same as step 2.

Step 4 - No earlier than 21 June

No restrictions for all activities.

BSS Certificates

The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) has advised the Authority that it is following current UK Government guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to other people's homes. BSS examinations will therefore continue where it is safe and possible to do so.

The advice for boat owners is to continue to contact an examiner to arrange their boat’s examination as per usual if one is required. Current BSS Certification expiry dates are not being extended as they were last year.

If you are tolling your vessel and have not been able to undertake a valid BSS examination due to COVID-19, please email our tolls department (or call 01603 756080) and explain your individual circumstances. The Authority will need to evaluate each owner's extenuating circumstances to decide if a toll can be issued.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Other information

Impact on the Broads Authority

We have issued guidance from Public Health England to our staff and members on how they need to respond, including additional hygiene measures that must be put in place (particularly in our premises) to prevent further spreading of the infection.


All Authority committee meetings will continue to take place online. Meetings with public access will be livestreamed. Details can be found on the Broads Authority website.

Events programme

We have cancelled our events programme for the near future. If you have seen promotion of a Broads Authority event online or elsewhere this has now been cancelled unless stated otherwise.

Day to day operations

Our office has have reduced staffing levels to minimise contact between employees. The majority of office employees are working from home, and our reception is closed to the public. Staffing of reception will continue so phone calls and deliveries can be taken. Toll payments can be taken by phone, post or online.

Our operational work will continue until further notice as this takes place in mostly remote locations.

If you suspect you may be unwell please do not visit any of our premises. If you have a query we will be happy to assist you over the phone (01603 610734) or through our contact form.

Planning queries

In accordance with current Government guidance, most of our Planning Officers are working from home. We are encourage the public to use the planning email for correspondence, rather than calling, as this will enable your enquiry to be dealt with more quickly.

Information centres and Yacht Stations

Our Tourist Information Centres and Yacht Stations are now open again for the summer season.


Unfortunately, all volunteering activities with the Broads Authority have ceased until further notice.

Information for businesses

Click on the links below for useful information for tourism businesses:

Information for businesses and visitors is also on the Visit the Broads website.

Health information sources

Check these sites for the latest advice:

Use NHS 111, pharmacies and GPs responsibly, and only go to hospital if you really need to. See: When to go to A&E

Tuesday 13 April 2021