A Taste of the Wild: Family Wild Food Forage Walk

Join the Broads Authority for a gastronomic amble through the foodie flora of Whitlingham Country Park… On Sunday 20 May from 10am to 1pm the expert forager, Jon Tyler, will be leading a guided walk. The walk will focus on identifying edible plants with a look through the history and recipes of the flora encountered.

Jon Tyler discovered a passion for foraging as a child when picking blackberries and sorrel leaves at the bottom of his family garden. He went on to study conservation management at Otley College before going on to run an environment centre in the New Forest. He is now a bush-craft practitioner with a 20 year career focusing on community, education and conservation projects in a variety of urban and rural locations. He is now a freelance practitioner of outdoor activities and hedge-craft.

Jon Tyler’s Whitlingham walk will be a unique opportunity to learn about the bounteous edible plants growing in the Broads National Park which many walk past on a daily basis.

Wild garlic

Nick Sanderson, Education Officer for the Broads Authority, said of the upcoming event,

“We are so pleased to have Jon Tyler to lead this very special walk for us. He is a true expert and will bring the wild to life for those who attend the walk. From mushrooms to herbs there is so much to be discovered so long as you know where to look –and that is where Jon comes in!”

For your chance to learn new recipe ideas, sample seasonal treats and learn to identify your own wild plants for eating, book your place on the Family Wild Food Forage Walk this Sunday at Whitlingham Country Park on 01603 617332 or by emailing whitlinghamTIC@broads-authority.gov.uk.

Prices: £6 per adult, £5 per under 16, £18 per family (2 adults and 2 children)

Thursday 17 May 2018