Marker posts removed on River Chet

Steps have been taken by the Broads Authority to improve navigation along the River Chet by removing the marker posts which were erected by Broadland Environmental Services Limited (BESL).

The posts were originally placed to mark the edge of the river bank after bank re-profiling was carried out as part of the Broadland Flood Alleviation Scheme. The re-growth of bankside vegetation has made the river edge visible with the channel marker posts no longer necessary to indicate the boundaries of the riverbank.

In total thirty three markers have been removed from the River Chet which is expected to be cleared over December. Constructions Supervisor, Timothy Lamb, said of the project:

“With the removal of the posts the channel will be more easily navigable. The Chet is a narrow river so this will come as a great benefit to boat users in the area.”

Marker post removal on the River Chet

Tuesday 5 December 2017