Rangers undertake mass litter pick at Breydon Water

Litter picks along the waterways of the Broads National Park are a daily task for Broads Authority Rangers. Aside from removing unsightly litter that spoils the landscape, the work is essential for maintaining the navigation and protecting the Broads’ flora and fauna from potentially harmful waste.

As a result of low tides and shallow mud flats, litter picks are particularly difficult to complete at Breydon Water near Great Yarmouth. Litter can build up to considerable levels as it becomes stuck in the inaccessible mud, and can only be removed when high tide levels are present.

Due to the very high tides recently experienced, a team of Broads Authority Rangers were able to conduct a mass litter pick on Monday 30 October. The pick was highly successful, with over 50 bin bags of rubbish and a skip full of driftwood removed from the edge of the water. Other than masses of plastic bags, bottles and hypodermic needles, a number of more surprising items were removed; including a television, children’s car seat, multiple traffic cones and even a children’s toy castle.

Lucy Burchnall, Head of Ranger Services at the Broads Authority, commented ‘Litter can cause problems within the Broads as it looks unsightly and larger floating debris can be a serious hazard to vessels navigating. Because of this, we are committed to both carrying out and supporting litter picks whenever possible, for example the pick at Breydon and the recent Norwich Green Party clean-up of the River Wensum.’

The Broads Authority urges members of the public who are concerned about large items (such as logs or barrels) seen within the Broads Navigation area to report their concerns to Broads Control on 01603 756056 where it will be passed on to the appropriate Ranger team to deal with.

Ranger team with litter removed from Breydon

Thursday 2 November 2017