New Broads Plan launched

Last week saw the unveiling of the Broads Authority’s new five year ‘Broads Plan’ at Whitlingham Park with around 30 of the Authority’s partners in attendance.

The Broads Plan was described by chairman Jacquie Burgess as, “not a plan for the Broads Authority, but a plan for the Broads” She added  “ It is fitting that so many of our strategic partners joined us for the launch which demonstrates the collaborative commitment to the plan”

The new document directs the work of the Authority and its partners to protect and enhance the Broads National Park covering 8 themes and 10 aspirations for the Broads with topics such as managing water resources and flood risk, maintaining and improving access both on the water and from the land, protecting the environment and heritage as well as raising awareness and promoting the national park to visitors.

The launch event featured talks from John Packman, Chief Executive of the Broads Authority, Michael Strand, of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Caroline Davidson from Norfolk Archaeological Trust, Laura Drysdale from the Restoration Trust and Broads Chairman, Professor Jacquie Burgess who spoke about the importance of developing the tourism economy.

Visit our corporate publications page to download a copy of the new Broads Plan.

John Packman presents at the 2017 Broads Plan launch

Tuesday 1 August 2017