New electric boat charging pillars and cards

We have recently replaced all our electric boat charging pillars to ensure people can continue to charge their boats after production of the old electricity meters was stopped.

It means we have also introduced new style plastic contactless cards to work with the pillars.

All the pillars have now been replaced and we have fixed, or are working to fix, some initial teething issues.

The new cards will remain at the current price of £1 and each card will provide 95p's worth of electricity, the remaining 5p is VAT payable to the HMRC. Demand for new cards was higher than the number we predicted based on previous years but 10,000 cards are now being delivered to the various sales points.

The new cards have tamper-proof technology and are made from a durable plastic and cost the Broads Authority 23p each. To prevent the cost of the cards being passed onto the service users we request that used cards are returned to the purchase outlets or Broads Authority Tourist Information centres where they will be sent back to the Broads Authority to be re-used.

Alternatively used cards can be re-credited with electricity units at the Tolls Office at Yare House. Anyone with unused old cards can exchange these for the new ones at Broads Authority Tourist Information Centres and the Tolls Office at Yare House at no cost.

The low height of the third charging window on some pillars has been raised with our contractor and will be resolved. This issue only affects a few pillars and pillars will remain in operation while the issue is fixed.

There have been reports of loss of credit on the cards experienced by people after they inadvertently used the emergency credit button, putting it in debit. A ‘programming fix’ will disable the emergency credit button in the next couple of weeks.

The electricity units in each £1 card for the period April 2020 to March 2021 is 5.5. This figure is reviewed each year and reflects the current rate from our electrical supplier.

You can find full information, instructions and locations of card outlets and charging points

Friday 28 April 2017