Volunteer members required to join Broads Local Access Forum

The Broads Local Access Forum (BLAF) is seeking new voluntary members to help advise on public access improvements throughout the Broads National Park.

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A semi-independent body, the BLAF was set up in 2003 as a platform for different stakeholders to discuss access in the Broads area; championing improvements, consulting on new projects, promoting partnership working and providing advice to Broads Authority officers on access issues.

The special landscapes and winding waterways of the Broads National Park are enjoyed by individuals from a wide range of interest groups who use the park for everything from work and study to recreational reasons. Improving access so that this important wetland can be experienced by all is a key area of the Broads Authority’s remit.

The BLAF is consulted regularly, meeting four times a year at the Broads Authority’s offices in Norwich to discuss access-related issues. There are currently 12 members and we are looking for up to five additional voluntary members to join.

Enthusiastic individuals with interests in countryside access including walking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boarding and general health and wellbeing are invited to apply to join the forum. The Authority also particularly welcomes applications from under-represented groups including black and minority ethnic communities, younger people and those with disabilities.

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Mike Flett, Vice Chairman of the BLAF, commented,

In my time so far with the BLAF I have seen the Forum be instrumental in securing the maintenance of kilometres of public footpaths, requesting helpful signage for visitors, assisting with landowner negotiations regarding permissive paths and providing advice on many more access-related issues in the Broads.

“The combined local knowledge of BLAF members has been invaluable in improving access for all and we’re hoping more volunteers from a range of different backgrounds will come forward to join us in the group.”

If you are interested in applying please visit the Broads Local Access Forum page to download an application form. For more information phone 01603 610734 or email BLAF@broads-authority.gov.uk before 9 August 2019.

Wednesday 10 July 2019