Still Waters - 30 years of the Broads Authority

The Broads Authority is celebrating its 30th birthday with an anniversary photography exhibition at the Forum in Norwich.

The exhibition will feature the extraordinary work of the photographers who have promoted the Broads National Park since the Authority’s conception. It’s an opportunity to showcase the sheer beauty and scale of the landscape protected by the Broads Authority as it was in the past and is in the present.

The exhibition takes its title from the book produced by past Broads Authority photographer, the late Richard Denyer. In 1989 he published his observations of the Broads alongside his photography, writing of the National Park:

“Other parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty often contain a hill or a mountain and can be spotted and recognised from a distance. It is the nature of this region that the ‘best’ rivers, marshes and lakes, are secretive and hidden from the casual passer-by. The exhilaration of climbing a peak is replaced here by the discovery of a remote patch of silvery water on an autumnal evening; a marsh full of delicate flora; a wherry in full sail gliding noiselessly past.”

Hickling boathouses Richard Denyer

The work of Richard Denyer will sit alongside nine others including the current in-house Authority photographer and designer, Tom Barrett. The exhibition has been curated by Broads Authority Design and Information Supervisor, Karen Sayer who said of the Still Waters exhibition,

“I have worked for the Broads Authority from its conception, and excluding a brief departure in between, I have been here ever since. In that time I have seen many changes in the Broads and the Authority. What has remained consistent are the qualities which people love and strive to maintain. In these photos we’ve tried to capture the essence of the National Park. In some you’ll see nature, in some you’ll see people, and in some you’ll see heritage. They are all of the same things which people loved about the Broads when we first begun and what people still love about the Broads today. The photography exhibition is a celebration, and we hope as many people as possible will help us celebrate by coming along.”

Over the last thirty years the Broads Authority has been at the forefront of protecting the Broads. Among its many achievements is the introduction of the Broads Grazing Marsh Conservation Scheme (1990s), developing a volunteers scheme from a single group of Broads Environmental Action Volunteers in the 1990s to a work force totalling 160 in 2019, establishing the Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust, The Broads Trust which has pioneered the Love the Broads giving scheme, and today’s flourishing Heritage Lottery funded Water, Mills and Marshes initiative and CANAPE (Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems). These are just a few of the many historic successes of the Broads Authority’s work, alongside tireless daily duties to maintain the Park for the benefit of the environment, economy, culture and public enjoyment.

The 30 year anniversary comes at the same time as the 70 year anniversary of UK National Parks of which the Broads are a member, making the timing of this exhibition all the more pertinent.

The exhibition will run from Friday 29 March to Tuesday 2 April in the Forum in Norwich, from 9am – 6pm (4pm on Tuesday), and is free to attend, many of the photographs will be on sale with funds donated to local charity, Love the Broads.

Tuesday 26 March 2019