Successful prosecutions for speeding boats

Two boaters have been prosecuted in separate cases this week for speeding and failing to navigate with care and caution on the Broads. They received fines and costs totalling over £3,000 at Norwich Magistrates Court.

In the first case a boater was proved to have been at the helm of a boat using excessive speed on Breydon Water. Whilst this stretch of the Broads does not have a speed limit, the speed at which he was travelling was excessive, causing damage and considerable distress to others on the water. He received fines of £660.00 for failing to navigate with care and caution and £440.00 for failing to navigate at safe speed. A victim surcharge of £66.00 was imposed and costs of £150 granted.

Another boater was also fined for speeding offences on four separate occasions over three months whilst at the helm of his boat on the River Wensum in Norwich. He was fined a total of £2,350 and ordered to pay the balance of an unpaid toll for the boat as well as costs of £200 and a £100 victim surcharge. Evidence against the boater included photographs which clearly show the excessive wake being caused as he sped past nearby swans on the Wensum which has a speed limit of 4MPH.

Lucy Burchnall, Head of Ranger Services at the Broads Authority said:

“I am pleased that these two cases have resulted in sizeable fines for these individuals which should send a clear message to the small number of careless boaters that speed. This behaviour causes distress to people enjoying the Broads National Park and is a danger to wildlife as well as having the potential to cause serious damage and injury.  Our Rangers will always take appropriate action when they see these offences taking place. I urge anyone witnessing boats that are speeding or being driven carelessly to note details such as the boat name or registration and take photos if they can. This can be reported to Broads Control on 01603 756056, VHF channel 12 or email

Speeding boat on the River Wensum

Wednesday 10 January 2018