The Broads Authority reaches the final consultation stage for their Local Plan

The Broads Authority is the local planning authority for the Broads area. Last week they started the final consultation stage for their new Local Plan before it is put forward for an examination in public. The Local Plan will aim to protect the special qualities of the Broads, setting out policies to help determine planning applications.

The document features polices which are distinctive to the Broads. Among the policies is the inclusion of a clause which pertains to the Hickling Project whose peat content is taking a European stage as the Broads Authority progresses in its role as lead partner in the CANAPE (Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems) project. The policy seeks to protect environmentally important peat soils (Policy PUBDM9) a clause which represents the core Broads Authority value of sustainability.

Other individual policies particularly pertinent to the Broads include boat wash down facilities to address the spread of invasive species and the use of anti-fouling substances (Policy PUBDM2), residential moorings (Policy PUBDM36),riverbank stabilisation (Policy PUBDM31) and navigable water spaces (Policy PUBSP13) among multiple other policies which will be used to guide development in the Broads.

The plan has been through two stages of public consultation and covers topics as diverse as heritage, ecology, housing quotas and mooring policies.

Natalie Beal, The Broads Authority’s Planning Policy Officer, said of the consultation;

“We have consulted with the public throughout the creation of the Local Plan, this final stage provides an opportunity for people to influence this document before it is reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate. “

The consultation period is eight weeks long and ends on 5th January 2018 at 4pm and can be found along with a comment form and guidance paper on the Broads Authority website. Hard copies will be available in local drop-in centres, and drop in sessions will be held on the 22nd November at Brundall Memorial Hall (6pm to 8pm), the 6th December at Geldeston Village Hall (6pm to 8pm)and on the 9th December at Potter Heigham Village Hall (10am to 12pm). For further information please visit the Broads Authority website.

Monday 20 November 2017