The official Broads Album goes on tour

On Wednesday 9 May the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft saw a live performance by pupils of Lowestoft Sixth Form College and Pakefield High School when they concluded their project to compose, record and perform an album of songs inspired by the Broads. The finished album now kicks off a new competition which will see the pupil’s work go ‘on tour’.

The initiative is a part of the Heritage Lottery funded Water, Mills and Marshes project which is managed by the Broads Authority to enhance local engagement with the history and conservation of the Broads National Park.

The pupils drew their inspiration for the album from a trip to Halvergate Marshes where they were able to spend time immersed in the Halvergate area of the Broads National Park. The experience was then used as a muse from which to draw inspiration as they took time in the classroom to work individually and in groups to compose, write and produce their own score of music. The project from composition to finished product was a six month journey with the final pieces being collated into eleven tracks to feature on the official Broads Album.

Guy Nottage, a teacher at Lowestoft Sixth Form College, said of the project,

“Being given a real-life compositional brief has inspired our students to produce truly exceptional work, in a way that is hard to replicate in the classroom alone. The project encouraged the students to step out of their comfort zones, challenged them to compose using less familiar methods and themes, whilst giving them reason to engage with their surroundings. The results were stunning and left the students with a collection they can be truly proud of.”

WMM Broads Album

Now the Broads Album is going to be taken ‘on tour’ with a competition to see how far afield the album can be played with an emphasis on public spaces. To be involved, entrants must take a video of the Broads Album being played publically, this could be anywhere from a function, a pub, a café or a wedding. As long as it’s not a private residence the Water, Mills and Marshes team would love to have it shared with them. The further away from the Broads the venue might be the better.

Will Burchnall, Project Manager of the Water Mills and Marshes programme said of the ‘Album on Tour’ competition,

“We’re so excited to be able to launch the ‘Broads Album on Tour’ competition. It means that the students involved won’t just have had the experience of creating music and performing it to a live audience but also of seeing the public response to their recorded album. It’s our way of bringing the Broads to a much wider audience.”

For further information on the Broads Album competition visit the official Water, Mills and Marshes website or their official Water Mills and Marshes Facebook page. All video entries should be submitted to the Water, Mills and Marshes Facebook page.

To hear the recorded Broads Album tracks follow the link:

Wednesday 16 May 2018