Urgent work to Mutford Lock

Broads Authority engineers are working hard to get Mutford Lock back into action as soon as possible again following a problem with a gate bearing which is preventing a set of gates from sealing.

Divers have been investigating the issue and it is hoped to get the Lock repaired in two to three weeks.

The exact cause is unknown and, while there is a possibility it is related to the December 2013 flooding, it is separate to the repairs work on the hydraulic and electrical control systems carried out last year which failed after the surge.

Costs for the repair have not been finalised but are likely to be several thousand pounds and, thanks to the Authority’s success in its bid for £80,000 from Defra for last year’s repairs, that money went back into the Mutford Lock reserve account so will be available to pay for a replacement bearing as well as future works to the Victorian lock.

Tom Hunter, Rivers Engineer for the Broads Authority, said: “We knew the bearing would need replacing in due course but it was not identified as an immediate issue and has needed attention far sooner than anticipated. “

As well as replacing the hydraulic and electrical control components last year the Broads Authority also brought in specialist contractors to clear the lock gates, cills and sluices of debris, remove and replace a cable duct and repair winding mechanisms.

Thursday 2 April 2015