Current documents

The current Local Plan is a set of planning policies adopted to inform development and land use in the Broads.

It is used in determining planning applications and promoting appropriate development. The policies which make up the current plan are set out below. The current plan will be replaced when the new Local Plan is adopted.

Core Strategy Development Plan document

The Core Strategy Development Plan sets out the vision for the Broads. Full details can be found on the Core Strategy Development Plan page or you can contact us for a paper copy or CD version.

Site Specific policies

The Site Specific Policies apply to a particular site or area such as development boundaries for some settlements and site allocations or protections. Full details can be found on the Sites Specifics policies page.

Development Management policies

Development Management Policies were adopted in 2011 to provide the main policies that guide the determination of planning applications in the Broads, including within the flood plain and economic development in a protected landscape. These detailed policies are developed from the strategic principles set out in the Core Strategy. You can access the complete Development Management Policies document or request a paper version by contacting us.

1997 Local Plan

Any policies from the 1997 Local Plan which were identified in September 2014 as remaining in force and forming part of the development plan for the Broads can be found in the 1997 saved policies document.

County council documents

The following documents from Norfolk and Suffolk county councils form part of the current Broads Local Plan.

  • Saved policies from the Norfolk Structure Plan and the Suffolk Structure Plan
  • The Norfolk Minerals and Waste Development Plan
  • The Suffolk Minerals and Waste Development Plan

Supporting documents

You can find further supplementary documents under the Supporting documents and evidence page including Annual Monitoring Reports, the Development and Flood Risk planning document, the Local Development Scheme and Landscape Character studies and assessments.