Site Specific Policies

The Broads Authority has prepared a Site Specific Policies Local Plan tailored to individual sites and areas.

It was adopted in 2014 to provide more detail to the Core Strategy Development Plan and complement the Development Management Policies. It replaces or updates the Individual Settlement Policies remaining from the 1997 Broads Local Plan.

Why we need Site Specific policies

Sites are allocated in different areas of the Broads for different uses, and Site Specific Policies set certain requirements that future development proposals on those sites will need to address. Now adopted, the policies will help to guide the preparation of planning applications, and planning decisions taken by the Broads Authority.

The Site Specific Policies Local Plan sits alongside the already adopted Broads Core Strategy and Development Management Policies as part of the Broads Local Plan.

The Adopted Site Specifics Local Plan

The Adopted Site Specifics Local Plan covers the period until 2028.

Adopted policies maps

All the maps below are in PDF format.


Please also find a key to these maps.

Towns and villages

The numbering reflects the map numbers in the adopted policies.

  1. Acle
  2. Brundall and 2a. Brundall Gardens
  3. Cantley
  4. Dilham
  5. Ditchingham Dam
  6. Great Yarmouth
  7. Horning
  8. Hoveton and Wroxham
  9. Thorpe
  10. Ormesby St Michael
  11. Oulton Broad
  12. Potter Heigham Bridge
  13. St Olaves
  14. Stalham
  15. West Somerton
  16. Thurne

Public examination and inspector's report

The Site Specific Policies Local Plan and accompanying documents were submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination. Elizabeth Ord LLB (Hons) LLM MA DipTUS was appointed to conduct the examination with hearings held on 12 and 13 February 2014. She carried out a series of site visits in November 2013 as part of the examination preparation and further site visits during the examination week.

The Inspector determined that a number of Main Modifications were required to improve the Sites Specifics Local Plan. These Main Modifications (as well the more minor Additional Modifications) were the subject of public consultation between 17 March and 25 April 2014.

The Inspector used the responses to this consultation, as well as information coming out of the hearing days held in February, to inform her report.

The Inspector's report into the Broads Sites Specifics Local Plan concludes that subject to the Main Modifications, which are included within the report, the Sites Specifics Local Plan is sound.

Adoption documents