New Local Plan

The Broads Authority is in the process of producing a new Local Plan.

It has this responsibility as it is the Local Planning Authority for the area.

The plan covers a wide range of planning related topics including renewable energy, affordable housing, moorings, flooding and impacts of development schemes on people and landscape. The timeline for producing the new plan is set out in the Local Development Scheme further down the page.

Until the new plan is adopted, the current policies as set out in the Core Strategy, Development Management DPD and Sites Specifics Local Plan will be used to determine planning applications alongside the National Planning Policy Framework.

Examination of the Local Plan for the Broads 2018

The Local Plan has been submitted to the Planning Inspector. Please see the examination webpage.

Modifications to the Local Plan are proposed and are out for consultation until 4pm on 15 March 2019, please see the examination webpage for more information.

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The Broads Authority is in the process of reviewing the adopted policies and looking into issues which could be addressed through planning policy. The Local Development Scheme (August 2017) sets out the timeline for this work.

Evidence base

You can read the information to support the production of the Local Plan on the Evidence base page.

Previous stages

Please go to the Previous stages page to review progress.