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Examination Hearing Sessions Programme
Inspector's Guidance Notes
Pre-Hearing Meeting - AgendaPre-Hearing Meeting - Notes

Inspector's matters and issues

The Inspector published a list of matters (topics), issues (points for consideration) and questions for the examination. Statements in responses to the matters and issues are posted below.  

HD1 - Inspector's Matters and Issues

BALP/BA - Response to Matters and Issues - main report
Appendix 1
: Site Specific Policies v Development Management Policies 
Appendix 2
: Core Strategy objectives v Site Specific objectives
Appendix 3:
Flood risk and development boundaries  
Appendix 4:
Development boundaries and designated sites 
Appendix 5:
Officer group set up to assist in Sustainability Appraisal 
Appendix 6:
Parish council questionnaire 
Appendix 7:
Gypsy and traveller topic paper
Appendix 8(a)
Inset Map Horning
Appendix 8(b)
Inset Map Hoveton and Wroxham
Appendix 8(c)
Inset Map Thorpe St Andrew
Appendix 8(d)
Inset Map Oulton Broad
Appendix 9:
Horning EA and AWS Joint Position Statement 
Appendix 10:
Email conversation between BA and GYBC re WES1 
Appendix 11:
Articulation of housing policies applicable to National Parks

12/GIND210 - J Clarke (agent: LSR Solicitor and Planning Consultants): Response to Matters and Issues
8/GIND024 - Reedling Consultants: Response to Matters and Issues
8/GBW28 - Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club: Response to Matters and Issues
7/GIND195 - C Moffatt: Response to Matters and Issues
7/GIND217 - J Hales: Response to Matters and Issues

Supplementary questions

The Inspector put forward a number of supplementary questions for the Examination hearing sessions. These are available to view below.

HD2: Hearing Session 12 February
HD3: Hearing Session 13 February   
HD4: Hearing Session 13 February - Matter 8 – Hedera House, Thurne
HD5: Hearing Session 13 February - Matter 8 – Girlings Lane, Thorpe

The Broads Authority's responses to these supplementary questions are as follows:

HD2/BA: Hearing session 12 February - BA response HD2/BA/Appx1 HD2/BA/Appx2   
HD3/BA: Hearing session 13 February - BA response
HD4/BA: Hearing session 13 February - Matter 8 Thurne - BA response
HD5/BA: Hearing session 13 February - Matter 8 Thorpe - BA response

Main Modifications consultation (March/April 2014)

Main Modifications are changes to the Local Plan which will change how a policy will be applied and will only be considered by the planning inspector where they are necessary to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant and where the planning authority has formally requested that such modifications be recommended by the inspector. Additional Modifications are minor in nature and can range from factual corrections and typographical errors to presentational improvements.

In the Examination Consultation version of the Sites Specifics Local Plan (pdf 17754kb), the changes are shown in the following ways:






Both categories of modifications were subject to a six week consultation which ran from 17 March to 25 April 2014. 

The following documents were consulted on during the public consultation period.

EPS30 - The marked version of the Sites Specifics Local Plan (1775kb) [pdf]
EPS25 - Schedule of Main Modifications (in a list format) (960kb) [pdf]
EPS26 - Sustainability Appraisal addressing Main Modifications (674kb) [pdf]
EPS28 - Schedule of Additional Modifications with Sustainability Appraisal (239kb) [pdf]
EPS27 - Habitats Regulation Assessment addressing Main Modifications and Additional Modifications (823kb) [pdf]

Responses to Main and Additional Modifications

EPS35/SSW01 - Anglian Water
EPS36/SDC01 - Broadland District Council
EPS37/SCHL01 - English Heritage
EPS38/SDC02 - Great Yarmouth BC
EPS39/SG11 - Marine Management Organisation
EPS40/SCC01 - Norfolk County Council
EPS41a/SG01A - Natural England
EPS41b/SG01A - Natural England (Appx to EPS41a)
EPS42/SG05A - Waveney District Council
EPS43a/SG05A - Environment Agency
EPS43b/SG05A - Environment Agency (Appx to EPS43a)
EPS44 - BA Schedule of Responses to SSP LP Modifications (April 2014)

Statements of common ground

EPS14 - HOR1/Ropes Hill Horning

EPS16 - BRU4/Brundall Riverside

EPS17 TSA5 - Girlings Lane Thorpe

Post-submission documents

EPS1a - Core Strategy DPD - Inspector's Report (Word doc) [150kb]

EPS1b - Development Management DPD - Inspector's Report (pdf doc) [363kb]

EPS2 - Duty to Cooperate MOU - Housing and Employment Needs (Word doc) [29kb]

EPS3 - Affordable Housing Policies - District Councils (Word doc) [1.1mb]

EPS4 - Broads Development and Flood Risk SPD (pdf doc) [954kb]

EPS5 - Extract from Inspector's Report on Broads Local Plan - West Somerton (pdf doc) [1.5mb]

EPS6 - Appeal decision relating to proposal for bungalow at West Somerton (2008) (pdf doc) [2.1mb]

EPS7 - Great Yarmouth Core Strategy (emerging) - extract re Somerton (Word doc) [227kb]

EPS8 - Staithe Road, West Somerton maps: map 1, map 2 aerial, map 3 context

EPS9 - First West Somerton boundary map, plan of land promoted by West Somerton PC

EPS10 - Staithe House Farm, Somerton - planning permission notice 2006 (pdf doc) [222kb]

EPS11 - Thorpe Island maps and photos - context plan, detail plan, aerial photo

EPS12 - Thorpe Island appeal decision (pdf doc) [211kb]

EPS13 - Thorpe Island consent order (pdf doc) [1.3mb]

EPS15 - Annual Monitoring Report 2012/13 (pdf doc) [1.1mb]

Submission documents

SD1      Site Specific Policies DPD - Submission (pdf) [1883kb]    
SD2     Sites Specifics DPD (marked up) *1(pdf) [1884kb]     
SD3a - SD3d *2     Policies Map Bundles      
SD4a     Submission Sustainability Appraisal *3(pdf) [4136kb]     
SD4b     Publication Sustainability Appraisal (marked up) *4(pdf) [2968kb]     
SD5a     Habitats Regulation Assessment (pdf) [943kb]     
SD5b     Habitats Regulation Assessment (marked up) (pdf) [918kb]     
SD6a    Draft Policies (2012) – Site Specific DPD (pdf) [1090kb]     
SD6b     Draft Policies (2012) - Site Specific DPD (pdf) [1006kb]     
SD6c     Draft Policies (2012) _Site Specific DPD (pdf) [7910kb]     
SD7a     SA Scoping Report (pdf) [363kb]     
SD7b     SA Scoping Report Appendices(pdf) [6315kb]     
SD8     Draft Policies SA (pdf) [2118kb]     
SD9a     Consultation Statement Volume 1 (pdf) [342kb]     
SD9b     Consultation Statement Volume 2 (pdf) [196 4kb]     
SD9c     Consultation Statement Volume 3 (pdf) [1073kb]     
SD9d     Consultation Statement Volume 4 (pdf) [910kb]     
SD10a     Second Publication Comments A (pdf) [467kb]     
SD10b     Second Publication Comments B (pdf) [466kb]     
SD10c     Map to accompany Mr Mountford Rep re HOR1(pdf) [72kb]     
SD11     Duty to Cooperate Statement (pdf) [1136kb]      
SD12     PAS Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist (pdf) [776kb]     
SD13     PAS Legal Compliance Checklist (pdf) [849kb]     
SD14     Equality Impact Assessment (pdf) [660kb]     
SD15     Viability Note (pdf) [1017kb]     
SD16     Internally Consistent Policy Check (pdf) [214kb]     
SD17     How DPD Objectives are met by Policies (pdf) [264kb]     
SD18     NPPF Compliance Note(pdf) [431kb]     
SD19     Sustainable Communities Strategies Note (pdf) [381kb]     
SD20     Proposed Minor Modifications (pdf) [868kb]     
SD21     Evidence Base Note (pdf) [386kb]     

*1 - This document is the First Publication Site Specific DPD, but with changes marked in yellow, red and cross-through.

*2 - On the CD, these four types of maps are combined in one document for a particular site. In the Examination Library, they are separated into bundles, in alphabetical order.

*3 - Changes to the pre-submission version Sustainability Appraisal (SA) are made in green.

*4 - This document is the First Publication Site Specific DPD SA, but with changes marked in yellow, red and cross-through.

Topic papers

TP1     Development Boundaries Topic Paper (pdf) [532kb]
TP2     Thorpe St Andrew (TSA2) Topic Paper (pdf) [325 kb]
TP3     West Somerton (WES1) Topic Paper (pdf) [414kb]

Evidence base

EB1     A Mooring Strategy for the Broads Authority (2009) (pdf) [1284kb]
EB2a     Broads Authority Biodiversity Action Plan (2009) (pdf) [2684kb]
EB2b     Broads Authority Biodiversity Action Plan Framework (2009) (pdf) [8661kb]
EB3     Building at the Waterside (2004) (pdf) [114kb]
EB4     Connecting Norfolk. Norfolk's Transport Plan for 2026 (NCC, 2011) (pdf) [231kb]
EB5     Drainage Mills Strategy (pdf) [7122kb]
EB6     East Norwich pre-application advice note (pdf) [2102kb]
EB7     Former Pegasus and Hamptons Boatyards Site at Oulton Broad, Suffolk Development Brief (2007) (pdf) [8728kb]
EB8a     Integrated Access Strategy for the Broads (2013) (pdf) [161kb]
EB8b     Integrated Access Strategy for the Broads – Action Plan(2013) (pdf) [106kb]
EB9     Keeping the Broads Special (2007) (pdf) [418kb]
EB10     Landscape Character Assessment (2012)
EB11     Norfolk County Council Minerals and Waste Core Strategy (2011) (pdf) [2006kb]
EB12     Oulton Broad Study (1991) (pdf) [5915kb]
EB13     Riverbank Protection Works (2004) (pdf) [253kb]
EB14     Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2007) - not available to download
EB15     Sustainable Tourism Strategy (2011-2015) (pdf) [3260k]
EB16     Synthesis of the Upper Thurne Research and Recommendations for Management (2008) (pdf) [2225kb]
EB17     The Economic and Social Impact of the Broads Marine Industry (2008)
EB18     The Trinity Broads Management Plan (2012) (pdf) [ 1298kb]

Adopted DPDs

AD1     Core Strategy DPD (2007)
AD2     Development Management Policies DPD (2011)
AD3a    Broads Local Plan (1997)
AD3b    Broads Local Plan Remaining Policies as at December 2011(pdf) [246kb]
AD3c    Broads Local Plan Proposals Maps (1997) (LINK to PAGE 41 DOCS)
AD4      Local Development Scheme
AD4a    Local Development Scheme October 2013 (Site Specifics for Submission) (pdf) [573kb]
AD5     NPPF Assessment of the Core Strategy DPD and Development Management Policies DPD
AD6     Statement of Community Involvement (2008)

Other BA documents

BA1     Annual Monitoring Report (2011/12)
BA2     Broads Plan (2011)