The Broads Authority provides a network of free 24 hour moorings.

Many more are available at places such as staithes, public houses and boatyards although these may charge a fee (moorings marked DP16 have been provided as part of a planning condition and charges may apply).

Great Yarmouth and Norwich yacht stations also charge.

24 hour moorings

Below is a network of moorings where vessels can moor for up to 24 hours for free (unless otherwise specified). Moorings marked DP16 have been provided as part of a planning condition and charges may apply

Name Length
Alongside (A)
Double-Alongside (AA)
Stern On (S)
Acle Bridge 166 A 16 Electric charging points, toilets
Barnes Brinkcraft, Hoveton (DP16)* - S/A 6 Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Barton Turf 41 A 4 Water point
Beccles Marshes 60 A 6  
Beccles Norfolk Bank 21 A 2  
Belaugh 22 A 2  
Berney Arms Reach 38 AA 8  
Berney Mill 60 AA 12  
Boundary Farm 40 A 4  
Bramerton 188 A 19 Electric charging points
Brundall Church Fen 40 AA 8  
Brundall Gardens Marina (DP16) 25 A 2 Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Cantley 131 AA 26  
Castle Staithe 30 A 3  
Catfield Staithe 36 A 3  
Chedgrave 39 A 4  
Cockshoot Dyke 149 A 15  
Coltishall Common 231 AA 46 Electric charging points
Commissioners Cut 126 A 4  
Deep Dyke 193 A 19  
Deep Go Dyke 112 A 7  
Dilham Staithe 50 A 5 Electric charging points
Dutch Tea Gardens, Oulton Broad 50 A 5  
Dutch Tea Gardens Pontoon 30 A 3  
Eastwood Marine, Brundall (DP16) - S 2 Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Gay Staithe 81 S/A 12 Water point
Geldeston 64 A 6  
Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 535 AA 60 Electric charging points, toilets, showers, water point
Hardley Cross 89 A 10  
Herringfleet 78 AA 14  
Horning Marshes 225 A 22 Water point
Horning Staithe 101 AA 12  
Horning Pleasure Craft (DP16)-A2Managed by boatyard
Hoveton St John 87 S 20 Electric charging points
Hoveton Viaduct 319 AA 64  
How Hill Staithe 300  32   
Irstead Staithe 18 A 2 Electric charging points
Langley Dyke 98 A 9  
Loddon Staithe 82 S 12 Electric charging points, toilets, showers
Neatishead 150 A 12 Electric charging points, water point
North Cove 45 AA 5  
Norwich Yacht Station 507 A 30 Electric charging points, toilets, showers, water point
Paddy's Lane, Barton 156 A 15  
Peto's Marsh30A4 
Polkeys Mill, River Yare 72 A 7  
Postwick Wharf 32 AA 6  
Potter Heigham Martham Bank 144 A 14  
Potter Heigham Repps Bank 145 A 14 Electric charging points
Pye's Mill 300 A 30  
Ranworth 170 S 22 Electric charging points, toilets, water point
Reedham Quay 217 AA 42 Electric charging points, water point
Rockland Short Dyke 150 A 15  
Rockland St Mary 81 S/A 8 Electric charging points
Somerleyton 140 AA 28 Electric charging points
Stalham Staithe 50 A 4  
St Olaves 51 A 4 Electric charging points
St Benet's 300 AA 60  
Stokesby 33 AA 6 Electric charging points
Sutton Staithe 220 A 22 Electric charging points, water point
Sutton Staithe (DP16) - A 2  
Swancraft, Brundall (DP16) - S/A 2 Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Wayford Bridge 53 A 5  
West Somerton 150  A 14  
White Slea 25 A 2  
Womack Dyke 140 A 14  
Womack Island 34 A 3  
Worlingham Staithe 30 AA 6  
Wroxham Broad Island 69 AA 10  

* Moorings at Barnes Brinkcraft are not fixed, if you wish to moor here please speak to reception to be assigned a mooring.

Other moorings

Below are other Broads Authority moorings that serve additional purposes, such as for sailing boat demasting and waiting for the tide to allow bridge crossings.

Mooring nameType
Beccles South Bank Bridge Wait/Demasting
Haddiscoe (East/West) Demasting mooring
Potter Heigham Bridge Green Short Stay Moorings
Potter Heigham (nr Herbet Woods) Demasting mooring
Potter Heigham Dinghy Park Demasting mooring
Reedham Pontoon Bridge Wait/Demasting
Runham Pontoon Demasting mooring
Scare Gap/Acle Emergency mooring
Somerleyton Pontoon Bridge Wait/Demasting

Double Mooring

Due to pressure on mooring spaces, we have designated 20 moorings for double alongside mooring. Each site has a sign stating that double mooring is permitted.

In consultation with the hire boat federation we have compiled the following Advice for hirers- Double Mooring (pdf document) [95kb]


  • Don't double moor without permission to tie up to the first boat.
  • A private boat mooring would be advised to have the bow and stern lines direct from the vessel to the shore - hire vessels do not have the same number or length of lines.
  • Always try and arrange for the boat leaving first to be on the outside but, if you are the inside boat and wish to move on, ask the crew on the outside boat to move. Remember to ensure the outside vessel is re-secured safely.  If the crew on the adjoining boat are unable to assist, keep a line ashore from their vessel and consider the tide or river flow before you plan the manoeuvre.
  • Crossing the first vessel to the bank is at your own risk and you may be held responsible for any damage.