Notices to Mariners

Works that may affect navigation Notices to Mariners inform boaters of any work being undertaken that may affect navigation.

It is required as part of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988 and could mean, for example, creating a severe height or width restriction or the need for a river closure.

Current notices

You can find links to all current notices issued by the Broads Authority and other authorities below.

Broads Authority notices are in a printable PDF format. To view notices from ABP (Lowestoft) and Peel Ports (Great Yarmouth) please visit the links to their websites below.

Current Broads Authority Notices (most recent first)

ABP Lowestoft

  • The Association of British Ports (ABP) issue Notices to Mariners for the Port of Lowestoft and the surrounding area. Current notices for Lowestoft can be viewed on the ABP website by scrolling down the page.

Peel Ports Great Yarmouth

  • Peel Ports issue Notices to Mariners for the Port of Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area. Current notices for Great Yarmouth can be viewed on the Peel Ports website.

Requirements for a Notice to Mariners

Anything affecting navigation requires a minimum of 35 days' written notice to allow the Broads Authority time to publish details in a local newspaper as required under the act.

In order to complete and publish a Notice to Mariners we will need a brief description of the works and the location, the date and time of start and completion, parties likely to be affected, the name and address of the person to receive the bill for the notice, contact details for further information and any complaints received.  Full details can be found in the Navigation Works Guidance document (PDF).

The document has been produced to advise of legislation requirements, provide practical health and safety advice and highlight other possible considerations. Not all sections will apply, but are provided for information.

A Works Licence may also be required. Please check the Works Licences page for details and application forms.

To apply please download and fill out a Notice to Mariners application form.

The cost of publishing a Notice to Mariners in the local newspaper varies depending on the size of the notice, number of words etc. However as a rough guide, a regular sized NTM would cost £415.32 + VAT, with an additional standard charge of £30.00 + VAT to cover administration costs.