For students

studentYou can find out lots about the Broads here to help you with your research from simple facts to detailed ecological surveys.

Whatever stage of study you are at, this website should have the information you need. You can discover how the Broads is part of the national parks family, its fascinating history, diverse habitats and precious animal life. We also have a one-stop page for Broads facts and figures.

We've also developed a Broads Curriculum with lots of great online resources for you to explore either by yourself or in a classroom setting.

You can learn how we keep the Broads special by careful management of its land and water, including information on things like dredging techniques, why and how we protect and restore precious fenland and the importance of biodiversity. Details of dozens of scientific research projects and the resulting strategies which ensure we are looking after the area in the most effective way possible can be found in our conservation reports section.

There is also a wealth of information about climate change, the vulnerability of the Broads and how we are working with the Broadland Futures Initiative so we can put in effective measures now to adapt to future changes.

Lastly, if you're interested in gaining valuable experience working with us you can visit our work experience and volunteering pages for information on how to apply.