Broads Curriculum

Welcome to the Broads Curriculum. We aim to provide a memorable educational experience in the Broads National Park for every local child. We also extend a very warm welcome to those who are able to visit from further afield.

Children enjoying learning in the Broads

The Broads is a mosaic of landscapes with seven rivers and more than 60 broads, home to over a quarter of the UK's rarest wildlife, so there’s a lot to discover. If you don't know the Broads, this Broads National Park summary will introduce you to  the area.

We are developing the Broads Curriculum in partnership with the Broads Environmental Education Network (BEEN). So far we have focused on Geography Key Stage 2, for students in the age range 8-11. We plan to expand the Broads Curriculum over the next two years with more geography resources and more subjects, and we will continue updating and developing it. Many BEEN members offer activities for other subjects and levels.

Please contact the BEEN members to find out about their facilities and activities. BEEN members welcome enquiries for all groups, of whatever age and whatever needs they may have.

This video with Nick Sanderson, Education Officer for the Broads Authority, will tell you (almost) all you need to know in under 90 seconds.

The Broads Curriculum offers

  • Online teaching ideas, resources and activities
  • Creative and enriching indoor and outdoor learning
  • Experience of wild places and a connection with nature
  • Cross-curricular teaching
  • The chance to bring the Broads alive for your students