Landscape Sensitivity Study

There is increasing demand for renewable energy but the infrastructure can impact on the nationally valued Broads landscape.

This study assesses the impact of wind turbines and solar panels to provide criteria to planning applicants and inform policy. Its baseline is the Landscape Character Assessment and it should be read in conjunction with this.

We have broken down the documents into the main report and appendices, then detailed assessments of the impact of panels and turbines for each area.

Detailed assessments

Assessments are broken down by the areas detailed in the Landscape Character Assessment and then by impact of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

Area 1 Waveney Valley - Outney Common and Bath Hills
Area 2 Waveney Valley - Bungay/Ditchingham to Shipmeadow/Geldeston
Photovoltaic panels 1, 2 (pdf 155kb)
Wind turbines 1, 2 (pdf 160kb)

Area 3 Waveney Valley - Barsham, Gillingham and Beccles Marshes
Photovoltaic panels 3 (pdf 157kb)
Wind turbines 3 (pdf 164kb) (pdf 149kb) T (pdf 153kb)

Area 4 Waveney Valley - Aldeby to Burgh St Peter
Area 5 Waveney Valley - Worlingham Wall to Boundary Dyke, Barnby
Area 6 Waveney Valley - Boundary Dyke, Barnby to the Fleet, Oulton
Photovoltaic panels 4, 5, 6 (pdf 157kb)
Wind turbines 4, 5, 6 (pdf 164kb)

Area 7 Waveney Valley - Burgh St Peter to Haddiscoe Marshes
Area 16 Yare/Waveney - Norton Marshes to Haddiscoe dismantled railway
Photovoltaic panels 7, 16 (pdf 157kb)
Wind turbines 7, 16 (pdf 162kb)

Area 8 Waveney Valley - Flixton to Herringfleet Marshes
Area 9 Waveney Valley - St Olaves to Burgh Castle
Photovoltaic panels 8, 9 (pdf 152kb)
Wind turbines 8, 9 (pdf 157kb)

Area 10 Yare Valley - Whitlingham Lane and County Park
Area 11 Yare Valley - Thorpe to Cary's Meadow, Thorpe Island and Marshes, Postwick Grove and Whitlingham Marshes
Photovoltaic panels 10, 11 (pdf 167kb)
Wind turbines 10, 11 (pdf 171kb)

Area 12 Yare Valley - Kirby/Postwick to Rockland/Strumpshaw
Area 13 Yare Valley - Claxton to Hardley Marshes
Area 14 Yare Valley - Buckenham and Cantley Marshes and Carrs
Area 15 Yare Valley - Cantley to Reedham
Photovoltaic panels 12, 13, 14, 15 (pdf 708kb)
Wind turbines 12, 13, 14, 15 (pdf 713kb)

Area 17 Chet Valley
Photovoltaic panels 17 (pdf 540kb)
Wind turbines 17 (pdf 544kb)

Area 18 Haddiscoe Island
Area 19 Halvergate Marshes (ex Bure Loop and west of Tunstall Dyke)
Area 20 Breydon Water
Area 21 Breydon/Waveney Valley - Church Farm, Burgh Castle, Fisher's and Humberstone Marshes
Wind turbines 18, 19, 20, 21 (pdf 162kb)

Area 22 Bure Valley - Upstream Wroxham to Horstead
Area 23 - Bure Valley - Wroxham to Fleet Dyke, South Walsham
Photovoltaic panels 22, 23 (pdf 722kb)
Wind turbines 22, 23 (pdf 729kb)

Area 24 Bure Valley - South Walsham to Acle Marshes and Fens
Area 29 Ant/Bure Valley - Ludham, Horning and Neatishead Grazing Marshes
Area 31 Thurne/Bure Valley - Martham Ferry to Oby
Photovoltaic panels 24, 29, 31 (pdf 783kb)
Wind turbines 24, 29, 31 (pdf 792kb)

Area 25 Bure Valley - Lower Bure Arable Marshlands
Photovoltaic panels 25 (pdf 155kb)  
Wind turbines 25 (pdf 160kb)

Area 26 Muck Fleet Valley and the Trinity Broads
Photovoltaic panels 26 (pdf 154kb)
Wind turbines 26 (pdf 160kb)

Area 27 Ant Valley - Upstream of Wayford Bridge
Area 28 Ant Valley - Downstream of Wayford Bridge
Wind turbines 27, 28 (pdf 727kb)

Area 30 Thurne Valley - Upper Thurne Open Marshes, Broads and Fens
Photovoltaic panels 30 (pdf 549kb)
Wind turbines 30 (pdf 555kb)