Planning policies

Plans for new housing

All new developments within the Broads need to be carefully considered against our agreed policies.

Strong planning policies help ensure that development is controlled, well designed and carefully sited to be sensitive to the existing landscape while meeting the needs of local people and the local economy.

The Local Plan

The Local Plan is the baseline for making decisions on planning applications and other development matters. A new Local Plan is in the process of being developed. Until it is adopted the current Local Plan will remain valid and this is comprised of a series of policies which you can access on the current documents page.

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The Broads Authority is in the process of reviewing the adopted policies and looking into issues which could be addressed through planning policy. The Local Development Scheme sets out the timeline for this work.

National planning policy

The National Planning Policy Framework was introduced in 2012 to set out planning policies for England and how they are expected to be applied. When considering local policies which existed before its introduction more weight is given the more consistent they are with the framework. We have completed a review of our policies  against the framework to determine consistency.

Landscape Character Assessment

The Landscape Character Assessment is a study of the Broads developed to aid decision-making that could affect its condition or visual quality.

Landscape Sensitivity Study

The Landscape Sensitivity Study assesses the impact of wind turbines and solar panels to provide criteria to planning applicants and inform policy. Its baseline is the Landscape Character Assessment and it should be read in conjunction with this.